In addition to being difficult and time-consuming, tree stump removal is important for several reasons. It not only improves the look of your yard and eliminates the eyesore, but it protects children and others as well. The tree has been around long before humans existed. Natural wonders can adorn any community landscape and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In spite of this, some trees can develop problems that negatively impact the property around them.

In this scenario, the most likely solution would be to remove the tree if it is on a residential or commercial property.

It’s important to know how to handle the stump left behind after cutting down a tree. Don’t worry! A stump can be removed in various ways – from burning and manual removal to using certain chemicals and even renting out equipment like a stump grinder.

As you will read below, each of these methods poses its own set of challenges.

Salt Lake City Tree Removal is the best company to call for tree stump removal. Even stumps in the most difficult to reach locations can be removed by us.

Here is more information on how to remove a tree stump from your yard and how to do it.


How do you deal with tree stumps?

This can help you identify how difficult it will be to remove the stump if you know what type of tree it is.

Tree roots differ greatly. Are the roots deep? An iceberg’s structure is clearly visible above ground, but what lies below is a mystery.

An axe or chainsaw can easily cut through the roots of a softwood tree (pine) or an evergreen.
In contrast, hardwood trees (oak, maple) have deep roots that can be hard to cut through.

If the stump is an oak, it can be a good idea to remove as much of the roots as possible with machinery or by digging before cutting into it since the roots are difficult to get out after they’ve been removed.

You may be able to pull out the fruit or nuts with your hands, but if this does not work, use an axe or shovel to dig around under where it has been cut, just as when removing roots from a hardwood tree.

Prior to removing the stump, research the species of tree you are dealing with.


How big is the stump of the tree trunk? You may come across many different types and sizes of tree stumps with different levels of difficulty, which should determine how quickly they can be removed.

Depending on the type and extent of the stump, different techniques can be used to remove it. An indication of the difficulty of removing a stump can be found in its age and diameter.

Another factor to consider is how many stumps there are. The task will be harder and take longer to complete if you have to remove multiple ones.


Tree roots do not have collision avoidance capabilities, which means they can grow through or around fragile underground pipes. You may cause damage to your property’s underground piping systems or cause other damage if you remove a stump on your own. Any underground water or gas line structures that may have been compromised by tree roots need to be inspected by a professional.


What will you do with the stump material after removal is another consideration. Several local recycling centers accept large stump materials, but it’s best to contact your city for clarification.

Wood chips can be reduced to mulch from large stumps. To deliver the chipper to your site, you’ll need transport vehicles.

The material may also be burned, but again, check your local regulations before doing so, as some areas do not allow open burning.



If you chemically rot your stump, you will save plenty of effort and energy, but on the other hand, the decay process takes a long time (up to a year or longer).

To remove the tree stump, different methods, techniques, and home remedies can be used.

There are a number of products that can be used to remove tree stumps, including rock salt, salt water, epsom salt, or a commercial product. The process must be planned carefully and the right chemicals must be used for the tree type to ensure success.

How to remove stumps manually

This is by far the fastest method of removing a stump; however, what you save in time, you pay with physical exertion. This method is best suited for smaller to medium tree stumps due to its demanding physical nature. An especially large stump may require more heavy-duty equipment like a stump grinder, which can increase the cost of completing this task.

In addition to a digging bar, a bow saw, an ax, and a mattock, you may need other tools for the job. Additionally, it would be recommended to wear safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, and steel-toed boots.

The hole formed as a result of your stump removal efforts can be filled in with top soil after the tree stump and root ball have been removed. If you want the area to blend in more with the natural surroundings, you can spread grass seeds and water thoroughly until the grass seeds sprout and grow. It would have been impossible to tell that the stump once stood there if done correctly.


This is another quick method for getting rid of a stump, but it requires careful coordination and planning since it involves working with highly flammable materials. In planning for this option, you may also consult with your local fire department to determine if there are any restrictions or limitations.

Kerosene or fuel oil, a power drill, and kerosene or fuel oil are some of the tools and supplies you’ll need for this job.

Below is an overview of the process.

  • Place the fuel in various holes drilled in the stump.
    Wait for the wood to absorb the kerosene or fuel oil and soak it in.
  • Light the stump and make sure nothing else is on fire. As the flame smolders, you can cover it with topsoil to extinguish it.

Grind the stump to extinguish the flame.

The stump grinding option should be used for larger stumps or if multiple stumps need to be removed. You can rent stump grinders at local home improvement stores for anywhere between $50 and $400. A stump grinder can weigh as much as 800 pounds, which is why it is important to consider its weight.

The tree stump is cut into pieces by stump grinders, and then the cutter head is rotated in a circular motion to grind them. During this process, blades rotate at high speeds, causing excessive heat to be generated. When there is enough room for the arm of the machine to swing without hitting something, grinders perform better.

Runnin’ a stump grinder can be a dangerous task, and stump grinders are not easy to handle. Before operating any heavy duty equipment, it is imperative to research and fully understand how to use the machine. It can be much easier to remove a large tree stump if you follow the instructions and wear the appropriate safety gear.


Tree stumps may seem harmless, but they can be unsightly and hazardous if left in the yard.
Tree stumps are an eyesore, a tripping hazard, and can trap insects. An untreated stump can take 10 years to dissolve if left to decay and rot.

By removing the tree stump, not only does your yard look better, but it is also safer for children and others.
Additionally, tree stumps are breeding grounds for insects such as termites and wasps, so you may want to remove them to prevent those infestations from spreading throughout your yard.

If you want to avoid dealing with any stumps for years to come, it’s best to remove them.


DIY enthusiasts have successfully completed a number of home improvement projects around the house and saved a lot of money doing so.

It may make sense to proceed with the project if you have the right tools, ability, and experience.

If you lack the necessary tools, techniques, or skill sets for removing a tree stump, it is best to leave the work to a professional.

Having a professional remove your tree stump can save you time, energy, potential injury, and even disaster if a gas or water line is damaged.


If you decide to hire the pros, get in touch with us. If you need a tree stump removed, our tree service professionals can advise you on how to accomplish the task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Utah customers have had thousands of stumps and trees removed so they can enjoy their property. Give us a call today to learn how we can handle your tree project.



The best time to remove a tree stump is during the winter, but you can remove a stump at any time. Thus, they won’t release sticky sap. If you’re using power tools, always wear hearing protection along with safety goggles in order to reduce the risk of injury.

What recommendations do you have for making the job easier or less dangerous?

If you want to remove a tree stump, you should hire professionals who work as a team. During an emergency, they are trained to handle situations efficiently and are experienced in handling them.

Is there a fast way to remove tree stumps?

You should call the experts for the fastest results.


It usually costs between $40 and $650 to remove a single stump. Most professionals charge a minimum of $200 for a professional removal. In addition to renting stump grinders, you may also be able to improve your budget by hiring a professional tree service.

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