Salt Lake City Tree Care services

Utah residents and businesses can rely on Salt Lake City Care for professional tree removal services.


Our team is experienced in removing a wide variety of trees. Certified arborists can provide expert advice regarding your tree’s situation and potential solutions.

Using aerial devices and cranes, we can safely and efficiently remove even the largest trees. There is no job too large for Tree Care.


By trimming your trees and shrubs, you can improve their health, safety, and appearance. Our equipment can reach the tallest trees and we’ve been maintaining trees for decades.

Beautifully trimmed trees enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

As if they were our own, our experienced team will take good care of your trees and property. We have a trained, experienced, and knowledgeable team to help you trim your trees properly the first time.

We provide safe and effective techniques to treat pests and diseases at SLC Tree Spraying. With a focus on plants and trees in Utah, we understand the types of pests and diseases here.

Depending on the tree species and type of spray required, it’s best to rely on trained and certified professionals.


Our certified arborists can identify the type of pest and/or disease affecting your trees and offer safe and effective solutions to ensure your trees remain healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Salt lake city tree removal has certified arborists on staff to help analyze and identify plant health. It is best to recognize early signs of tree stress before it progresses to late stages when the tree is at risk. Our arborists are continuously trained on the latest plant pests, diseases, and treatment techniques.


You can contact our arborist to schedule a free tree inspection, during which he will check the health of your plants and trees, look for signs of pest and disease infestations, and offer recommendations to keep your trees healthy.

The stump grinding team at Tree Care can remove any tree stump, no matter how big or small. Our professional staff uses high-tech stump grinding equipment to completely remove your stumps, leaving your property clean.

To do the job right, stump removal requires specialized equipment. In all types of environments, our experienced and professional team has removed thousands of stumps.

Stumps can be an eyesore and even a safety hazard. We will remove your stumps in a fast and professional manner at slc Tree Care.

There are hundreds of happy customers who rave about the quality of our tree removal service in Salt Lake City.

How to Find the Best-Priced Tree Services for Your Home

The decision to hire a tree service can be complicated. If you are not familiar with prices and the services offered, it can be hard to find the best-priced tree service for your needs. To help you find the best-priced tree service for your needs, here are some tips that will help you make an informed decision.

1. Ask about price quotes for each of the services that they offer

2. Check if they have all of the proper licensing and insurance coverage

3. Read reviews from past customers to see what their experience was with different tree services